CFOSAT 2nd International Science Team meeting (7th CFOSAT Science Team Workshop)


CFOSAT was launched on October 29th 2018 with the two radar instruments SWIM and SCAT on board. Since the first data release, groups of experts from space agencies and research laboratories have been working to assess the instrument performance and the data quality.

The validation results and the first applications by the Science Team members have been presented during the first international meeting of the Science Team last September 2019. Further to the positive results presented during this meeting, the SWIM and SCAT scientific products have been opened in February 2020 to all users for scientific application. Since the launch of CFOSAT,continuous improvements have been brought to the SWIM and SCAT products to guarantee the best quality of the data. As a member of the International Science Team you are kindly invited to participate to this second meeting of the CFOSAT Science, which will take place from 15 to 18 March 2021 as a virtual meeting.

The aim of the meeting is to share at the international level the most recent results based on CFOSAT observations. The objective is also to provide scientific advices to the space agencies in charge of the CFOSAT mission, on the data quality, instrument modes of operations and mission centers products.

Because of the sanitary crisis, the meeting will be organized in a virtual form. Live oral sessions will take place every day from 15 to 18 March between 07:30 and 11:30 UTC. In addition, an internet forum will be accessible to share all the presentation documents at all times during the week (14-19 March 2021) and tchat with questions and answers. The oral sessions will include an opening session (typically mission and instrument status), thematic sessions and a discussion/closing session.

You are kindly invited to submit an abstract based on SWIM, SCAT or SWIM/SCAT observations dealing with one of the following categories:

  • Realized or planned improvements in the SWIM or SCAT scientific products
  • Scientific studies based on CFOSAT observations, in particular:

             - the ocean wind and waves (open ocean, coastal studies)

             - sea ice detection and characterization

             - continental ice shelf,

             - continental surfaces (soil, vegetation)

  • Use of CFOSAT observations in modelling studies
  • Lessons learned from CFOSAT for other satellite missions


Deadline for abstract submission 15 February 2021

submission on

(after login with personal ID, left menu, "nouveau dépôt")


 After reception, your abstract will be reviewed by the scientific organizing committee(1)and selected either for an oral presentation or for interactive discussions on the forum. All oral presentations will also be shared on the forum for additional interactive discussions.

Practical information on the sessions and shared presentations will be provided later.

If you wish to participate without submitting and abstract, please register before March 8th on (left menu: "inscriptions")



 (1) Scientific committee

Daniele HAUSER


Lotfi AOUF



CNES - France


IFREMER - France

LIU Jianqiang


ZHENG Quanan


LIN Wenming

NUIST - China

XU Ying













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